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Database is current as of February 22nd, 2024, 3:00am PT. Congratulations to the following new notaries.

California Notary

About Our Notary Search

Use this search to find current, active California notaries public. This list comes directly from the California Secretary of State's office and is reliable, however, for official verification, you must go through the state or county of record for that notary.

There are currently 143,977 active notaries public in California. There is 1 notary for every 245 California residents.

This is for informational purposes only. Only the California Secretary of State's office can verify the validity of a notary commission. Please do not contact us to remove this info. If you are a notary and want any information changed, you must use an official California notary change form. If you can't find what you are looking for above, use our Advanced Search.